Shannie Ross

Sept-3MCE Summer Festival Houston Tx

Mar 25-Radio Interview 953jams Houston Tx

Upcoming Events !


2017 Events 

June-Video Shoot

April 3-The Houston Kite FestivalHouston Tx

Aug 20-South West Back To School Festival Houston Tx

Aug 6-Scolls The A-VI-ANTEHouston TX

Sept 17- Black Heritage Festival Houston Tx

Aug 9-Apache Café  Atlanta Ga

2016 Events

Feb 5-The HIGH School Take Over Tour Houston Tx
02/09/2016- ROBERT E Lee HS ,Houston Tx

Feb 12-Austin HS,Houston Tx

Feb 12-Furr HS,Houston Tx

Feb 14-Take Over Tour Concert @ The Skate Machine, Channelview Tx

Mar 21-Core94 Radio Interview Houstn Tx

Mar 23-Stereo Live Houston Tx

11/15/17- Stereo LiveHouston TX

July 15-The A-VI-ANTE Houston Tx

   Shannie Ross 2014/2015  Events                                                                                                      

       1/1/2014-HOUSE OF Dereon-Matthew Knowles | Houston , TX

       1/9/204-Battle of the Bands | Houston , TX

       1/22/2014-HOUSE OF Dereon | Houston , TX

       1/31/2014-Emerging Artist DEV Event |Houston , TX

       2/23/2014-Red Cat Jazz Café | Houston , TX

       3/15/2014-Hollywood Music Showcase | Sugerland , TX

       3/15/2014-Omega Psi Phi Fraternity | Houston , TX 

       3/17/2014-SXSW Showcase Debonair Lounge | Houston , TX

       3/22/2014-Teen Summit | Houston , TX

       5/4/2014- Moody Gardens Jazz Festival |Galveston , TX

       5/11/2014-Mothers Day Jazz Brunch | Houston , TX

       6/1/2014- Red Cat Battle Of the Bands | Houston , TX

       7/12/2014- Stop the Violence Showcase| San Antonio , TX

       7/26/1014-Kids and Family Expo Power Center | Houston , TX

       11/1/2014-Cultural Center | Houston , TX

       1/22/2015-Stereo Live | Houston , TX

       2/19/2015-Ware House Live | Houston , TX

       3/7/2015-House of Blues | Houston , TX

       3/29/2015-Wedding Performance | Houston , TX

       4/25/2015-Spring Fest Club Bashh | Fortbend , TX 

       5/9/2015- Moody Gardens jazz Festival | Galveston , TX







10/14/2015-Republic New OrleansNew Orleans Louisiana

11/6-8/2015-Girls Retreat Performance Angleton Tx

11/22/2015- UpRising Gas Monkey Dallas Tx

12/4/2015-  The Grand STafford Theatre Bryan Tx